Version v4.1

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+ License changes - Now there is a FREE and PRO version of tinyMediaManager. In the FREE version there is no more limitation of loaded movies/TV shows or API calls.

The FREE version includes:

  • base functionality of tinyMediaManager (update data sources, scrape, write/read NFO files, rename, edit, export, command line interface, …)
  • TMDB scraper

The PRO version includes also:

  • all other scrapers (IMDB, OMDB, Universal, Kodi, …)
  • trailer download
  • subtitle download
  • integration

+ BIG scraper rework:

We split up all scrapers into individual sub-scrapers for every scope (meta data, artwork, trailer, subtitle). This offers new options to configure them:

  • now they are all independently configurable (no setting for the movie section influences the TV show section)
  • we could strip out options which are not needed for the actual section (e.g. TV show options in the movie scraper)
  • they have a better code base for future changes
  • separated country setting for certifications and release date
    The only drawback here is, that you may have to enter some options (like an individual API key) in every sub-scraper
    ATTENTION: since almost everything changed in the scraper setup, you may need to re-set the scraper options after the update

+ added integration of FFmpeg

You can directly download and use FFmpeg on Windows, macOS and Linux - as well as use FFmpeg from your system

  • creation of still/thumb creation via FFmpeg #1017
  • muxing downloaded trailers using FFmpeg

+ added TVmaze scraper
+ enhanced sync (added personal rating sync, reworked settings & actions)
+ added missing movies in movie set #1111
+ added an option to suppress tooltips in the main tables #1128
+ added a function to migrate existing movies/TV shows to a new data source #1044
+ remember last used scraper for each entry - for scraping new episodes the same scraper will be taken into account as for the TV show
+ (movie) added full customization in which priority/order the rating should be loaded #986
+ use qualified metadata (title, plot, year, IMDB id, episode/season number) from mediainfo on first import #669 #1065
+ (movie) added an expert mode to the bulk editor to “freely” edit text based fields
+ added a JMTE replacement renderer for custom replacements (movie/TV show, renamer & exporter)
+ added OMDB TV Show scraping
+ added more Columns for Movie Sets
+ added period (year of movies in collection) for Movie Sets
+ added clickable ID Links to the Episode Detail Panel
+ added button in tv show scrape/search window for opening TVShow folder
+ added original title column for TV shows / episodes
+ reworked visualization of ratings
+ added original title column for TV shows / episodes
+ added possibility to play the trailer url in the editor (Movie and TvShow)
+ added option to manual choose artwork in the movie set chooser (as for movies)
x separated country setting for certifications and release date
x rewritten integration to be more flexible and ready for multiple versions of the same movie/episode #1031 #1081
x exchanged native file dialogs with tiny file dialogs
Windows users will see a change here, because tiny file dialogs uses the “folder browser” component from Windows
x better error messages for SSL errors #1122
x added zxx (No linguistic content) to the language code detection #1125
x allow selecting of E00 in episode chooser for some special episodes #967
x added an HiDPI splash screen
x re-write NFO on gathering mediainfo data #1135
x improved HDR detection #1134
x set displayepisode and displayseason #1146
x added Soap to well known genres
x re-read mediainfo data for (ex)changed files
x (movie) remove missing/deleted files on update data sources
x (movie) support more than 9 extrafanarts in the renamer #1156
x (movie) sorting by new column #1161
x (TV show) also fetch season artwork from tmdb #1158
x (TV show) TV show related action can be triggered from episodes/seasons too #1115
x (movie) adopted movie defaults/Kodi preset to Kodi v19
x (TV show) fall back to TV show artwork if season artwork is not available #987
x removing negative filters in presets

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