New episodeguide Format

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Kodi (and its scrapers) has some drawbacks for the <episodeguide> information which will be written in the NFO files. The information in the <episodeguide> field helped Kodi to find online information for episodes when no episode NFO files have been written (which is not the default case for tinyMediaManager).

Recently there were some changes within Kodi scrapers which enabled a new way to provide the <episodeguide> information - see for more information.

Activate the new format

tinyMediamanager v4.3.8+ now provides a setting to write the new style which can be read by the Kodi scrapers. The new setting is located at “Settings -> TV show settings -> NFO settings”:

New episodeguide format

Create new NFO files

You just need to activate this option, select all TV shows and “right click -> Enhanced editing -> Rewrite NFO files for selected TV show(s)” to rewrite a new NFO file containing the new <episodeguide> format (make sure your storage is connected when rewriting NFO files!).

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