Version v4.1.4

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+ updated libmediainfo to 21.03
+ (movies/TV shows) added “force best match” to automatic subtitle downloads (rather than only download file hash matches)
+ added possibility to double click the image in the image chooser to select the artwork #1094
+ re-added various zoom options to the image preview window #1094
+ added filter options for the image chooser #1253
+ (movie sets) some UI enhancements: show IMDB id, show artwork files, show year in search dialog #1285 #1280
+ (TV shows) option to only include the first studio in the NFO
+ (movies/TV shows) search via TMDB id, IMDB id and TVDB id is now possible (TV shows only)
x changed the database compacting logic to be more resistant to file corruptions
x (macOS) re-compiled the launcher with golang 1.15 to support macOS 10.11 #1278
x fixed occasional crash on startup of the TV show module #1283
x (TV show) support more than 9 extrafanarts in the renamer #1286
x (TV show) also respect the trailer filename settings in the TV show renamer #1287
x (movies/TV shows) respect first alphanumeric character for the “first” renderer
x (TV show) embed episode details into a scroll pane #1289
x (FFmpeg) suppress unnecessary error logs #1284
x (TV show) write/read country tag to/from NFO files
x (TV show) parse aired tag before the premiered tag for episode NFOs #1295
x repackaged the linux distributable to only contain one root folder #1257
x do not crash the scrape if imdb ratings cannot the loaded #1299
x enhanced cleaning of filenames on import #950
x some fixes for detecting/handling pt-BR subtitles
x reuse the playcount from pre-existing NFO files when writing new NFO files #1296
x (OMDb API) enhanced searching of movies with short titles like “21” #1310

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