v2.1 – r694

2 minute read

feature: added play button to launch the video file with your systems default player (post)
feature: notification messages in the UI (post)
feature: summary popup after a task (post)
feature: mass edit of TV show episodes (remove invalid ones/add missed ones, mass change of season/episode number - post)
feature: logging window (for an easy access to the errors/warnings of the log file) feature: movies can now be automatically assigned to moviesets, when using the TMDB scraper
feature: worked almost all scrapers to provide better search results
feature: live preview of the renamer settings
feature: some enhancements to the renamer
feature: added .fanart.ext as fanart filename feature: changes trailer urls in XBMC NFO for use with plugins (youtube.com will use the youtube plugin; apple.com, ign.com and some more will use the hd-trailers.net plugin) fix: hidden folders (like .AppleDouble) are being ignored fix: email field is now also in the bug report dialog (we need that for questions about the bug if it's not clear) fix: export templates should work again fix: little fix to the actor panel (no need to change movie/TV show/episode to display newly added actors) fix: regathering of mediainfo is now in its own thread and won't block the UI anymore fix: some problems with tags

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