Version 2.9.6

1 minute read

+ add persian language
+ added option to include external audio files in Kodi NFO streamdetails (thx @midgetspy)
+ support for mediainfo 17.10+ XMLs
+ updated mediainfo to 17.10
+ fixed java 9 compatibility issues
x fix parsing MediaInfo for .ISO files (endless hanging sometimes)
x reduced log output on the console for the command line version
x fix animated pictures scraper; did not work on automatic scrape
x fix AniDB scrape (too much results)
x fix country tags in NFO (now multiple)
x change episodeguide url in TvShow NFOs
x cleaning of orphaned episodes in the database
x storing of episodes in special seasons (season 0) no more switches to season -1
x fix occassional crashes when writing objects to the database
x fix audio codes parsing of audio files (thx @midgetspy)
x fix renaming of movies with renamer token $2 and starting with umlauts

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