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With version 2.8 we’ve added a feature called movie editions. Before 2.8 having a movie in several editions (e.g. Directors Cut and Extended Edition) resulted in a messed up directory after renaming (the renamer put the two editions in the same destination folder).

With version 2.8 there is a new field in the movie editor where you can choose the movie edition for this movie. This field will also be pre-filled during “update datasources” along with a set of regular expressions.

In the movie renamer there is an additional token for the movie edition ($U) which is included in the new default pattern for folders

$T { - $U }($Y)

and files

$T { - $U }($Y) $V $A

Renaming a movie with a set edition will result in a unique destination folder. E.g.:

The Matrix - Directors Cut (1999)

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