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Some time ago I recognized (and a user pointed me to that issue) the file and directory chooser dialogs aren’t as nice as the native counterparts. In the swing JFileChooser you have limited functions - only the filesystem as is is displayed, which is (at least) on linux a problem for some users. The swing version of the directory chooser looked like this:

Directory chooser - Swing

As you see there is only the filesystem available - that’s good: Everything in linux is a file :) But if a user connects an USB drive to the computer (or worse, he connects to a smb share), he has to know where the system mounts it.

The last week I’ve faced this problem - with success. It wasn’t an easy task and it is not a “all in one” solution like java should be. The file chooser is a native part, so I had to tweak it for every system:

  • Windows: this was the easiest operating system to change. The “native” swing look and feel provides a dialog which is already useable:
    Directory chooser on Windows
  • Mac OSX: changing the dialog in OSX was also pretty easy: here I could take the AWT FileDialog which is a native component and supports choosing directories after setting a property: Directory chooser on Mac OSX
  • Linux: was a horrific problem. Neither the swing approach with native look and feel nor AWT worked. So I had a choice: take the swing dialog we already have or use some other libraries. But the old dialog wasn’t good enough, so I had to try several different things. Taking SWT did the trick: SWT connects natively to the system libraries to use their UI components. The directory chooser in linux (with SWT) now looks like:
    Directory chooser on Linux with SWT The con is: SWT needs almost 1.8mb storage and is system dependend. So it is no easy thing to ship SWT with tinyMediaManager, but I’ve included a check whether SWT is available or not. So you can install SWT for your linux distro through the package manager (i.e. swt-gtk in Ubuntu; swt in Arch Linux) or simply download the appropriate package from and place the swt.jar (you may need to rename it) in the tinyMediaManager/lib folder. This also work on all other platforms (windows and OSX)

as a fallback (if no native dialogs working) tinyMediaManager tries to take the swing JFileChooser

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