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tinyMediaManager v4.2 is a big release with several noteworthy changes.


First of all, you may have noticed that TheTVDB is closing their free API v3 (October 1, 2021) and changing to a subscription based model ( This means that our users would need to have a subscription at TheTVDB to get data from their service. To avoid this we managed to negotiate a contract with TheTVDB to allow all PRO users to continue using this service without any additional subscription needed!

Third party scrapers

We introduced a new plugin based model which allows other developers to create third party scrapers for tinyMediaManager. Such a third party scraper can be placed into a special folder in the tinyMediaManager installation and will be loaded the next time tinyMediaManager starts. For more information about the new plugin system, see the corresponding post.

Windows installer, macOS disk image and Docker image

To support even more systems (and easier installation), we added a Windows installer, a disk image (DMG) and a Docker image (for headless installs on servers).

Post processing

A new feature called post processing can be used to trigger external tools with data from your media library. Since this is being done with JMTE you have a wide range of possibilities using this feature. For more information please read the following blog post.

Lock fields on scrape

While scraping, you can lock existing data in several fields from being overwritten. See the blog post for more information.

Regular expression based skip folders

In addition of add skip folders using the full path, you are now able to add regular expressions to skip folders from the “update data sources” scan. See the blog post for more information.


+ added TheTVDB API v4 which improves scraping TV show (and movie) metadata in several places #921 #1367
+ added support for 3rd party scrapers (
+ added Windows installer, macOS dmg and Docker image (
+ added experimental support for post process actions ( #817
+ (movies/TV shows) added a better overview for compatible NFO consumers (media centers/other tools)
=> Emby users should switch from Kodi NFO style to Emby NFO style!
+ added regular expression based skip folders ( #1402
+ enhanced visualization of missing metadata ( #1350
+ (Linux) ship libmediainfo for 64bit systems
+ added support for not overwriting existing items on scrape ( #1368
+ added support for webp images
+ added country MX to supported certifications #1379
+ (TV shows) added experimental TV show renamer preview #534
+ initial support for reading/writing movie set NFO files #1334
+ (movies/TV shows) “add a new data source” has been added to the “update data sources” menu
+ (movies/TV shows) added quick loading for filter presets #1267
+ (movies/TV shows) added a filter for date added
+ (movies) added quickfilter for notes
+ (TV shows) added customizable quickfilters
+ (TV shows) added filter for year and decade
+ (TV shows) bulk add actor / director / rating / certification in episodes / tvshows
+ (movies/TV shows) added column to see if note is available
+ (movies) added the possibility to download just extrafanarts/extrathumbs #741 #1397
+ (movies) added “index of movie in movie set” renamer token #1347
+ (movies/TV shows) added more tags to the renamer (TMDB id, TVDB id, tags) #1458
+ (movies/TV shows) added universal filter to filter all text based filters in one #1387
+ (TV shows) added context menu for downloading best trailer for selected TV Shows #1417
+ (TV shows) added bulk adding subtitle information #1396
+ (movies) added option to consolidate movies on rename #1048
x (TV shows) introduced adaptive event processing: this will help the UI to stay responsive on large libraries.
The drawback here is, that some sorting and filtering in the UI will be delayed for large libraries
x (TV shows) do not mix in TV show actors to the episode cast #1219
since this is no more accurate (e.g. in Black Mirror) and scrapers like TMDB/IMDB provide detailed data for episode cast
x (Linux) pre-set installed FFmpeg on first run
x (movies) re-read 3D flag, edition and original filename on exchanged video files
x (movies/TV shows) queue rename tasks after mediainfo tasks #1368
x added a java parameter “tmm.mvstore.buffersize” to set the autocommit buffer size for MVstore ( #1373
x re-added the java parameter “tmm.legacy.filechooser” to prevent tinyfiledialogs from loading ( #1378
x (movies/TV shows) replace invalid characters in the renamer after the renderers have been applied #1385
x (movies/TV shows) immediately save settings after changing filter presets #1395
x (movies) respect more special plex folders #1398 #1402
x fixed loading of the translations for Traditional Chinese (zh_Hant) #1406
x (TV shows) persist TV show after downloading a theme #1405
x (movies) improved internal artwork handling #1413
x (movies/TV shows) parsing of IMDB search requests #1420
x (movies) remove corrupted/faulty movies from database at startup
x (movies) fixed downloading actor images for movies in movie sets
x (universal scraper) added proper thread cleanup to prevent memory leak #1432
x (movies/TV shows) added new approach to play (DVD/BR) disc folders with the systems default media player #644
x (TV shows) fix crash in episode chooser for episodes containing a “:” in the title #1463

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