Version 2.9.14

2 minute read

+ Java 9 / 10 / 11 compatibility!
+ High Dynamic Range detection for mediafiles - you need to reload MediaInfo and then use $H in renamer
+ option to ignore SSL certificate problems #373
+ make colon replacement configurable (for movies & TV shows) #396
x retrying to get artwork for 5 times #369
x fixed detection of language names
x fixed scraping of OFDB
x fixed language name for sl/sk
x CMD export: sorted movies/TV shows the same way as in UI mode
x fixed detection of nested extras folders
x fixed detection of extras/extrafanart/extrathumbs in TV show update datasources #395
x only set 3D flag/edition on first import #231
x fixed statusbar layout with long texts
x TMDB: fixed fallback language scraping for episodes
x fixed subtitle search dialog
x fixed, updating local NFOs even when no changes
x fixed IMDB release date parsing
x allow moving of symlinks #410
x fixed crash on weird language extensions #425
x fixed MovieSets #366

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