Version v4.3

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+ added an action to scrape ratings from multiple scrapers #1672 (
+ fetch all possible IDs & ratings when scraping #1672
+ added a fallback strategy for the universal scraper #1684
+ added an action to lock objects on movie/TV show level
+ updated the bundled Java version to 17.0.2
+ bundled Java, libmediainfo and tinyFileDialogs for arm (32bit)
+ added an HTTP API for remote control of tinyMediaManager (
+ added a movie scraper for AniDB #1728 (thx @hudsonrj09)
+ added a regular expression based JMTE annotation #1611 (
+ added a renamer token for movie set index respecting missing movies #1702
+ (AniDB) added an option to get the character image instead of the actor image
+ (movies/TV shows) write <tvdbid> tag for actors in the NFO file #1722
+ allow editing of cast from within the cast panels #1639
+ (TMDB) enabled logo scraping
+ added writing of TMDB/IMDB/TVDB ids for writers and directors in the NFO files #1731
+ added an option to disable the trash bin (.deletedByTMM) #1727
+ added an option to store NFO files outside of disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV)
+ added an option to automatically “cleanup unwanted files” on rename #1775
+ added extended syntax to movie search field.
+ added a NFO option to control writing of <lockdata>true</lockdata> #1796
+ enhanced delete unwanted files action to find unwanted folders too #1692
x changed person-merge behavior: #1799

  • with “Do not overwrite” enabled, new person data will be merged into existing data
  • with “Do not overwrite” disabled, existing person data will replaced by the newly scraped data

x Improved handling of Bluray/DVD disc folder structures (also within ISOs)
x rework automatic aspect ratio detection (performance)
x updated Movie Picker template (thx @bastienpruvost)
x copy file-date attributes on Windows #1674
x improved download speed of trailers
x changed imdb actor image loading/scaling algorithm
x enabled downloading actor images for multi movie folders
x loading of “ignore SSL errors” on startup
x use collection as root node of the collection NFO #1731
x (TV shows/movie sets) do not crash when title and original title column is hidden #1733
x (Emby) preserve custom movie sets in NFO #1617
x sync episodes to via IDs where possible #1643
x locked movies should not disappear on update #1784
x adhere empty season folder on renaming ‘specials’ #1785
x fixed downloading missing artwork for seasons #1794
x remove failed tasks from the task list
x removed tmdbCollectionId from NFOs because Emby does not read that any more #1793
x fixed update datasource with additional files in disc folders / or at root level
x reloading of user_note from NFO #1808
x round ratings to only one decimal place #1807
x filter for season artwork in the image chooser
x some issues with filter loading #1811

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