Version 2.7.3

2 minute read

+ bug reports are now solved via GitHub issues
+ added image exporting in the export templates (see or in the wiki)
+ added media source to the TV show section
+/x moved client key to the scraper settings (and released it for everyone)
x Kodi scraper: fix some invalid XML headers
x OFDB scraper: fix actor/cast parsing
x fix actor/cast parsing, and fallback for broken web search
x fix writing correct watched state to NFO
x CMD: update TvShows only scrapes new episodes, not all
x improved data source update; parse new entries first
x improved TV show renamer for multi episode files
x finally fixed the NEW indicator behavior - it will now work as in versions before 2.7 (NEW stays for the whole tmm session)
x improved performance in the update data sources for TV shows
x fixed searching for movie set artwork in movie folders
x only write guests into episode NFO
x fixed error in movie set editor when no movie was selected
x remember last opened directory in the new chooser
x TvShows: fix studio writing
x fix loading of the movie-duplicate filter at startup

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