Version v3.1.8

2 minute read

+ updated libmediainfo to 20.08
+ updated Movie Picker template (thx @bastienpruvost)
x removed a memory leak in IMDB scraper
x do not write fanarts twice in multi movie folders #956
x fixate artwork extension if not detectable #953
x propagate mediainformation events from episode to TV show
x write cleaner trailer urls to the Kodi NFO
x more aggressive caching of AniDB requests
x set character and path encoding at startup #930
x do not open two windows when clicking on a link
x do not crash at startup with an inconsistent movie set <-> linkage
x (tv show) added some missing menu items to the context menu #934
x (movie) pre-select the right NFO file names in the NFO settings panel
x save scraper config in the custom data folder too #962
x (imdb) fixed to scrape shows without season 1
x (omdb) set IMDB id when scraping with OMDb API

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