The main functions of tinyMediaManager are accessible via the toolbar. This toolbar is divided into two parts:

  • the functions for the actual module (left hand side)
  • common functions (right hand side)

The functions for the modules may differ in the detail, but their basic meaning is the same. The icon itself is a button executing the default function on click whereas the text beneath the button conatins a menu with all secondary functions.

  1. Update sources: Update the specified data sources from the settings to find new media (or cleanup externally changed file/folder structures). This is used if you add new media to tinyMediaManager or if you have moved/deleted files/folders outside of tinyMediaManager.
  2. Search & Scrape: Search/scrape the selected media entities from online data providers.
  3. Edit: Edit the selected media entities
  4. Rename & Cleanup: Rename and cleanup the selected media entities according to the renamer settings.

On the right hand side there are common functions which will stay the same for all modules:

  1. Settings: Show the settings dialog
  2. Tools: Quick access to several tools in tinyMediaManager like clearing various caches, show logs/messages, access t0 Wake on Lan devices, Reports bugsā€¦
  3. Info: All available information of tinyMediaManager like access to frequently asked questions, our Wiki, our Forums, the changelog, our bug report system, our homepage and an about page.
  4. Donate: You can also donate to tinyMediaManager.