In addition to the internal settings, tinyMediaManager also supports to set some low level runtime parameters through the launcher configuration. The launcher configuration (launcher-extra.yml) can contain either Java JVM parameters or some special parameters for tinyMediaManager itself. The launcher configuration must be in the form

javaHome: "custom Java home"
- "JVM - parameter"
- "environment option"

The sections of the configuration is as follows:


If you don’t want to start tinyMediaManager with the shipped Java runtime (or the systems default Java runtime), you can enter the location of a custom Java runtime here.


javaHome: "/usr/lib/jvm/adoptopenjdk-14-hotspot-amd64/"

Default: javaHome: ""


Special runtime parameters for the JVM itself or for tinyMediaManager. Available options for tinyMediaManager are:

Parameter Description Default
-Dtmm.mvstore.buffersize Autocommit buffer size for MVStore in MB. -Dtmm.mvstore.buffersize=8
-Dtmm.legacy.filechooser Enable the legacy swing file choosers -Dtmm.legacy.filechooser=false
-Dtmm.uselibmediainfo load libmediainfo -Dtmm.uselibmediainfo=true
-Dtmm.contentfolder Store all content (data, backups, cache, logs) in the chosen folder -
-Dtmm.datafolder Store data in the chosen folder -
-Dtmm.cachefolder Store cache in the chosen folder -
-Dtmm.backupfolder Store backups in the chosen folder -
-Dtmm.logfolder Store logs in the chosen folder -
-Dtmm.noupdate Disable automatic updates false
-Dtmm.consoleloglevel Log level for console output. Possible values: OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE -Dtmm.consoleloglevel=DEBUG

Common options for the JVM are:

Parameter Description Default
-Xmx Maximum heap (memory) size -Xmx512m


  - "-Xmx1024m"
  - "-Dtmm.mvstore.buffersize=8"

Default: jvmOpts: []


Some special environment options you may need to set.

Default: env: []