02.05.2024 - Version v5.0.5

+ yt-dlp can be used as external program for downloading trailers
+ added frame rate to the renamer tokens #2557
+ added an alternate style for media certification (e.g. GB-15, DE-FSK16)
x improve performance for update data source (cleanup phase) #2531
x enable line wrap for media logos #2547
x replace newlines in renamer patterns #2544
x upgrade of JMTE to 7.0.3 #2543
x fixed trailer downloading for newer trailers #2532
x (IMDB) fixed fetching of data in the desired language
x improved KodiRPC syncing/refreshing from NFO #2552
x (movies) show duplicates when searching with the universal scraper

07.04.2024 - Version v5.0.4

+ (movie/TV show) group the artwork type in the artwork panel for better visibility
x fixed trailer downloading for newer trailers #2532
x (stacking) improve stacking detection of file names
x (Jellyfin) do not write artwork URLs into the NFO files #2518
x adopted the column padding to do not clip runtime #2517
x enhanced displaying of season names #2501

02.03.2024 - Version v5.0.3

x upgraded libmediainfo to 24.01
x respect setting for trash folder when deleting movies/TV shows #2477
x (TVDB) scrape missing country for shows #2478
x (TVDB) able to scrape language names (default enabled) #2478
x (IMDB) also parse “T” certifications
x (TV shows) added production company and certification to the renamer examples #2470 #2481
x enhanced table cell width when using a bigger font size #2466
x MediaInfo: workaround for reading different runtime (API vs XML) #2484
x (TMDB) fixed fetching rating (via mdblist.com) #2276
x (TV show) fixed scraping of TV show fanart #2483
x (Ratings) fix some maxValues #2492
x (Update) fix corner-case for stacking #2490
x (OpenSubtitles.com) fixed searching for some languages (pt-PT, pt-BR, zh-CN, zh-TW)
x (TV shows) detect season artwork for seasons with 6 digits too #2487
x fixed loading of missing metadata filter presets #2496

09.02.2024 - Version v5.0.2

+ (TV shows) added an option to choose the rating source priority #2405
+ (KodiRPC) support for multiple combined Kodi datasources #2465
x improve performance of update data sources in better excluding locked objects
x reverted #2296 - pre-set of filters in the image chooser
x fixed multi threading access problems for genres #2444
x (TMDB) fetch all episode stills #2387
x fixed crash on empty subtitle objects #2452
x fixed some Docker related problems #2445
x enhanced language detection for audio streams
x fixed detection of season posters (folder.jpg)
x fixed downloading of artwork #2454
x fixed opening trailers twice when pressing the play button
x fixed updating of changed artwork #2446
x improved automatic downloading of trailers #2455
x (Trailer) allow renaming into a disc folder (Kodi style) #2451
x fix NFO writing removing all the file properties #2463
x (MovieSets) better align dateAdded, were cut-off #2464

20.01.2024 - Version v5.0.1

+ add French TP certificate #2424
+ detect some more known audio codecs
x fixed missing window decorations on Wayland
x (NFO) prefer to write user rating without decimals
x (v4 data import) copy the launcher-extra.yml to the correct folder #2412
x embed season artwork into the TV show artwork panel
x avoid exceptions on “update data sources” #2409
x enhanced re-building the image cache after renaming #2423
x rework subtitle language and title parsing
x fix sorting of empty MovieSets
x re-set new flag on “Update selected movie(s)” too #2430
x do not add dummy episodes multiple times to a season #2427
x fixed loading native libs in aarch64/amd64 Docker container #2434
x prefer existing data when downloading missing artwork
x fix UI divider drifting a few pixels after each restart #2432

01.01.2024 - Version v5.0

We are proud to announce

tinyMediaManager v5

The main features of v5 are:

  • Full macOS compatible builds now (signed, x64 and M1). The drawback here is, that we cannot offer inline upgrades for macOS any more
  • Linux x64 and arm64 builds
  • Docker x64 and arm64 builds
  • System aware storage locations for your data (except for the portable versions on Windows/Linux)
  • Completely rebuilt launcher which embeds the Java runtime now (no more unnecessary sub-processes)
  • Episode group handling
  • and much more

Since v5 this is a great step into the future of tinyMediaManager, you can not inline upgrade your v4 installation to v5. To import your v4 data, you can use the “import data function” under the menu “Tools -> Import data/settings from another v4 installation” to import your v4 data into your v5 installation.

Please review the increased system requirements for tinyMediaManager v5!


+ Adopted storage locations to the operating system defaults (for new installations):

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/tinyMediaManager
  • Windows: Users home\AppData\Roaming\tinyMediaManager
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/tinyMediaManager
  • added an extra portable build for local storage

+ Subtitle handling rework:

  • support for any language/locale style, greatly improved detection
  • check new “original” language style for renaming

+ providing signed installers (Windows, macOS)
+ changed Linux ARM build to 64 bit (arm64/aarch64)
+ enabled usage of different episode groups #1935 #1138 #736
+ added support for OpenSubtitles.com
+ unified logo and clearlogo usage #2148
ATTENTION: you should review your logo and clearlogo settings!
+ reworked some dialogs to a material design like input dialog
+ enhanced automatic artwork downloading #2184, #2182
+ added subtitle format info to media files tab and filters #1709
+ fetch ratings: remember last used rating sources #1940
+ added some more movie editions per default #1987
+ writing season NFO files (mainly for Emby) #1697
+ added season plot
+ added a movie set export engine #1928
+ also scrape & identify episode guest stars
+ added a bulk editor for TV shows and episodes #1866
+ filter enhancements: numerical values can now be filtered with various other comparison methods #1952
+ many new filters #1052 #1952 #1949
+ added an option to control how the “new” flag should be cleared
+ added a logo for HDR/Dolby Vision #2191
+ (movie/TV shows) added templates for exporting XML files for tagging *.mkv using mkvtoolnix suite. thx @curious_ralf
+ added EpisodeCount/SeasonCount filter
+ able to identify multiple HDR streams and fallbacks #2213
+ (IMDB) added action to fetch Top 250 numbers; add support for TvShows
+ added an action to reset the “new” flag
+ (FFmpeg) support stacked movies for generating previews #2271
+ Added an option to write the movie set folder/artwork in Emby style
+ added mdblist.com as new rating source #2276
+ added locked filter for movies and tv shows
+ added bulk edit option for “Date Added” (movies / tv-shows) #2013
+ added HFR(Higher Frame Rate) Logo if mediafile has more or equal 48 fps #1376
+ added “Criterion Collection” as known edition #2295
+ added certification column (tv show) #2317
+ (TRAKT) improve search performance, fixed TV poster
+ (Jellyfin) added backdrop naming for fanart #2322
+ added ImdbId, TmdbId and TraktId Filter for movies
+ added an alternate API server for TMDB (api.tmdb.org)
+ added an action to match uncategorized episodes by its title only.
+ added trailer.ext renaming format #2368
x fixed displaying missing season metadata #2238
x fixed downloading of season artwork #2258
x better handling of image cache upon rename
x added an option to write season data (NFO/artwork) for unavailable seasons
x (movie) renamer preview now shows subfolders too #2010
x (IMDB) adapt keywords parsing to new style
x (TVDB) also scrape season overview/names #2275
x do not drop audio channels with empty bitrate #2262
x do not write NFO files on “update data sources”
x fix cloning of TV episodes #2309
x fixed rebuilding image cache #2268
x improve reloading of NFO files; exception for those without s/e numbers #2266
x (FFmpeg) do not show generated artwork twice in the image chooser #2270
x fix plot formatting with line-breaks #2286
x fix loading season-specials.nfo #2343
x fixed detection of widescreen 576p #2344
x fix creation of -mediainfo.xml with special characters #2376