26.06.2021 - Version v3.1.15

+ updated libmediainfo to 21.03 #1309
x enhanced cleaning of filenames on import #950
x some fixes for detecting/handling pt-BR subtitles

24.04.2021 - Version v3.1.14

x (macOS) fixed JVM discovery on Big Sur
x (TV shows) better cancel handling of update data sources #1255

26.02.2021 - Version v3.1.13

x fix loading of various aspect ratio icons #1160
x fixes Trakt.tv integration
x fixed parsing of TMDB id for TV shows

21.12.2020 - Version v3.1.12

+ added “_” as a colon separator in the renamer settings #974
x backport MediaInfo changes from v4 (aspect ratio and others)
x backport fixes for trailer downloading from v4
x detecting video resolution for certain 3D SBS files #1133

27.11.2020 - Version v3.1.11

x reading of hybrid DVD ISO files
x updated libmediainfo to 20.09

04.10.2020 - Version v3.1.10

+ added a file size renderer to the export templates
x added some changes to improve youtube trailer downloading
x included a search rate throttling for opensubtitles #988
x KodiRPC uri matching
x preserve epbookmark in episode NFOs
x (tvdb) also show the artwork on a second search

18.09.2020 - Version v3.1.9

x removed kyradb.com artwork provider
x take the correct artwork extension when using local files in the image chooser
x several enhancements to the AniDB scraper

01.09.2020 - Version v3.1.8

+ updated libmediainfo to 20.08
+ updated Movie Picker template (thx @bastienpruvost)
x removed a memory leak in IMDB scraper
x do not write fanarts twice in multi movie folders #956
x fixate artwork extension if not detectable #953
x propagate mediainformation events from episode to TV show
x write cleaner trailer urls to the Kodi NFO
x more aggressive caching of AniDB requests
x set character and path encoding at startup #930
x do not open two windows when clicking on a link
x do not crash at startup with an inconsistent movie set <-> linkage
x (tv show) added some missing menu items to the context menu #934
x (movie) pre-select the right NFO file names in the NFO settings panel
x save scraper config in the custom data folder too #962
x (imdb) fixed to scrape shows without season 1
x (omdb) set IMDB id when scraping with OMDb API

29.06.2020 - Version v3.1.7

+ (movie) only show used genres in the genre filter
+ added fr_CA to scraper languages
x fixed detection of multipart files
x fixed displaying of h265/hevc logo
x fixed writing of h265/hevc to the NFO file
x improved handshake with opensubtitles
x (tmdb) stricter fallback language detection #897
x fixed deleting search results where title AND year are the same but the movie is different

31.05.2020 - Version v3.1.6

+ Further improve episode detection #824
+ added (internal) subtitle language information to the renamer tokens #855
+ added support for double digit stacking patterns (cd12, part12, ..)
+ (movie/TV show) better support for filtering movies by text (regular search, normalized search)
+ added zh_CN and zh_HK to scraper languages #885
x fixed writing of multiple tags (date_added and user_note) in the NFO file
x changed video codec HEVC/x265 to the more common name h265
x fixed occasional UI glitches where artwork did not change
x fixed occasional error messages when removing movies #857
x fixed TMDB fallbackLanguages parsing #861
x (movie) only provide ascending and descending sort order of table columns
x (movie/TV show) provide tags (in dropdown lists) in a sorted order
x (movie) do not move movie extras out of the “Extra(s)” folder upon renaming
x force closing of files after subtitle hash calculation
x (windows) call the default file manager rather than explorer.exe for opening folders
x do not automatically scroll down in the image chooser
x catch occasional hiccups in the trailer panel #864
x fixed layout of the movie settings panel
x fixed rescaling of the tasklist #892
x fixed special handling of discart with multi movie folders/disc images

08.03.2020 - Version v3.1.5

+ splitted space substitution in the TV show renamer into setting for TV show/season folder and episode filename (thx @dimitricappelle)
NOTE: you may have to review your renamer settings if you used space substitution in the TV show renamer
+ updated libmediainfo to 20.03
+ re-layouted information panels for better visibility on low resolution devices
+ preserve original file name in NFO (movie / tvshow)
+ added support CMYK JPEGs
+ remember last used rating id in the rating editor #788
+ show video bit depth and hdr format in the media files tab and in the editors
+ added Trakt.tv id (movies) and TMDB id (TV shows) with links to the UI
+ enabled scraping of tags from AniDB #836
+ make the scraped amount of keywords in IMDB and tags in AniDB configurable
+ added Kodi RPC call to clean video/audio libraries (thx @max3163)
x (TVDB) catch even more connection problems #832
x show medium dateformat and added date / time format in default Locale
x store user notes in the NFO files
x (TV show) catch occasional errors in NFO parsing #837
x fixed calculation for file size in the renamer #843
x fixed extracting of VSMETA artwork for some movies #760
x fixed displaying of downloaded trailer #838
x (AniDB) fixed reading of specials #827
x Fix localization of Kodi plugins #848
x do not generate trailing separators (space . - _) into subfolder names #853
x enable UPPER, lower and Title renderer on all fields in the renamer

08.03.2020 - Version v3.1.4

+ added some more scraper languages #800
+ added a filter for common audio channel setups
+ (movie/TV show) option to extract artwork from VSMETA on “update data sources”
+ (movie) added an M3U export template (thx @maricn)
+ (movie) added column for sort title
x (TVDB) fixed artwork scraping due to recently changed artwork url
x (TV show) storing duplicate episodes filter
x (movie/TV show) pre-set all artwork/trailer/subtitle scrapers on first start
x (Trakt.tv) do not pass language to the search engine of Trakt.tv to improve the search result
x (TV show) set TVDB id as default in NFO #810
x (movies) removed storing of sort order (because we can not store it completely)
x evaluate movie extras even deeper

19.02.2020 - Version v3.1.3

+ clean empty subfolders after renaming movies/TV shows
+ added “remove artwork” for TV show seasons too
+ (Movie) added a new export template: MoviePicker (thx @bastienpruvost) #763
+ (TV show) added filter for aired status #783
+ updated JMTE to 6.0.0 (IF tokens can now compare to another properties)
+ (movie/TV show) added and option to specify which date should be written into the dateadded field in the NFO #796
+ display file creation/modification date in the media files table
x migrate existing movie set TMDB ids to the new form
x do an artwork cleanup when changing the movie set name
x do not count missing episodes several calculations #769
x (TV show) moved name setting for special season to the image setting panel #775
x (TV show) removed duplicate hotkey
x (IMDB) enhanced parsing of release dates #777
x (YouTube) fixed extraction of newer YouTube trailers
x (TV show) fixed filtering for video format
x better scrolling in the renamer settings
x (IMDB) do not lock the UI if there are no episodes on IMDB #785
x cleanup of artwork when removing movie sets #789
x (TV show) fixed display of artwork size for season artwork #793
x (Trakt.tv) better test routine to show if the connection works
x remember last used folder when choosing files #791
x (TV show) only offer artwork types in the “Download missing artwork” dialog #795
x preserve file creation/modification date on renaming
x (movie/TV show) try to preserve existing IDs when re-scraping with a different scraper

14.01.2020 - Version v3.1.2

x reverted usage of NativeFileDialogs for macOS users #762 #764 x fixed some issues in the file-/folder dialogs x fixed migration of movies from 3.0.x to 3.1.x style x fixed language detection

13.01.2020 - Version v3.1.1

+ re-added AniDB scraper to the ui #759
+ use another algorithm for title case rendering
x fixed movie set name cleanup for file-/folder names
x fixed Synology VSMETA parsing for backdrops

12.01.2020 - Version v3.1

+ added trailer support for TV shows
+ added experimental support for BluRay ISO reading
+ completely reworked scraper configuration: you now have a better control what scraper fetches/updates
+ support for named seasons
+ support for rendering animated gifs
+ support for movie set artwork style of Kodi v19
+ added a movie set artwork cleanup function (to rename/cleanup) the movie set artwork in the right naming scheme) #715 #694 #511
+ updated libmediainfo to 19.09
+ changed to nativefiledialog to avoid usage of JavaFX (better compatibility across different systems/Java versions)
+ visually enhanced the CheckComboBox
+ write the movie set/collection id as tmdbCollectionId for emby
+ added UPPER, lower and Title case renderer to the renamer. See our wiki for more information #680
+ added original title to the text search in TV shows
+ added updater script for command line #124
+ try to detect the season folder name by analyzing the episode filenames #699
+ added the new note field to the bulk editors
+ enabled sorting by multiple columns in the movie table
+ enabled writing of subtitles without language code #621
+ added file size to the renamer patterns #691
+ (Movies) added a bulk editor function to write the languages of the audio streams into the spoken language field #714
+ added an option to delete artwork from within the editor (movies, TV shows, episodes) #367
+ (Movies) added a new export template: DarkTemplate (thx @maxburon)
+ added a aspect ratio filter for common aspect ratios #644
+ IMDB: added option to scrape keywords (tags) #666
+ added regexp support in badwords
+ added navigation in the TV show tree by typing
+ added seasonXX-landscape naming scheme
+ (Linux) added an action to create a desktop entry in ~/.local/share/applications
+ added bahasa Indonesia to scraper languages #757
x NFO: always write at least one id entry with default=”true”
x do not move episode files if the episode and season renamer patterns are empty #667
x use temp files to create backups #678
x more/better HDR format detection (you need to reload MediaInformation of your files!)
x fix for writing Quicktime (Apple) trailers as .quicktime
x added 1440p to the video formats (and some common 1440p resolutions to the detection) #686
x changed date added logic: now it is configurable which date should be used #600
x respect TV show bad words in the TV show update data source logic #692
x do not rewrite NFO file, if nothing has changed #698
x IMDb: parse release date from releaseinfo page too #697
x fixed TV show tag filter
x downgrade TVDB search result score when not receiving any year to compare
x changed writing of the outline in the NFO. It is now configurable how the outline should be written #630 #683
x enhanced movie renamer pattern validation #709 #705
x moved export logic into thread to do not block the UI while exporting
x IMDB: use the first found release date
x TMDB: show all search results (not only the first 20)
x TMDB: add season cast/crew to the episodes too
x TMDB: clean search string (move The, … to the front on search)
x fixed scraping with MovieMeter.nl scraper (API changes on their side)
x updated the download missing artwork task to do a “light” cleanup of artwork files according to the settings
x the rating in the details panel now updates correctly
x fixed Youtube downloader
x fixed Mpdb.tv scaper
x do not open the image preview dialog multiple times #738
x IMDB: fixed checking of IMDB id
x parse plot/tagline from NFO respecting line breaks #742
x allow choosing an episode of season 0 in the episode chooser
x fixed exporting of artwork in the exporter under certain circumstances #756
x (TMDB) pass full language tags to the API because of a bug at TMDB #708

05.10.2019 - Version v3.0.5

+ added a scraper for MPDb.tv (thx @wjanes)
+ added an action to force deletion of all HTTP caches (on disk and in memory) #656
+ added changing of the movie edition to the movie bulk editor
+ added a custom note field for movies/TV shows/episodes
+ added unwanted files dialog for TV shows
x show popupmenu from text fields on macOS #637
x crash on startup if some images could not be loaded
x catch more exceptions on file download #642
x do not try to open dialogs on disconnected screens #640
x delete subtitle archive after extracting #641
x fix update data sources from Google Drive
x correct date format style in files
x when unable to load the database, start over with a new/clean one rather than not starting tmm
x fixed loading of the colon replacement in the renamer settings
x enhanced detection of valid NFO files #638
x write the plot content to the outline field in the NFO #630
x ImageCache must not crash tmm on exceptions #659
x enabled to explicitly filter for empty values #660
x refactored the MediaPortal NFO format into 2 new formats for enhanced compatibility: MP MyVideos and MP Moving Pictures
x do not crash tmm on startup on incomplete settings #663
x remove a custom genre in the bulk editor does not throw an exception any more
x do not overwrite user ratings on scrape
x better logging of errors in the OpenSubtitles scraper #633
x fixed movie in a movie set filter

01.09.2019 - Version v3.0.4

+ changed “finding unwanted files” logic to use regular expressions
+ show a warning what rename&cleanup does
+ added a new export template (Mobile Movie Search, Soda’s modifs) thx @Poka
x fix missing replacement of path separators in movie/Tv show renamer tokens #618
x fix parsing of episode vote count in the IMDB scraper
x fetching artwork sometimes returned the wrong type #617
x fixed wrong detection of user defined genres like Marvel
x fixed detection of IMAX edition
x renamed Trakt.tv scraper option “API key” to “Client ID”
x detecting season poster from folder.jpg #626
x fixed removing of an underscore at the beginning of the renamer token #619
x added trailer file names to presets

20.08.2019 - Version v3.0.3

+ reworked the YouTube download engine. Should now work for almost all trailers! (thx @wjanes)
+ separated space substitution for filenames and foldernames (movies) #611
+ added jump to movie by keystroke in the movie table
+ added Mexican Spanish to scraper languages #570
+ added Icelandic to scraper languages #574
+ added a duplicate episode filter #578
+ added a MovieEdition filter
+ added option to store tmm data into another folders http://bit.ly/2JoUUeN
+ added seconds to the runtime in the media files panel
+ added an option to hide media logos (to save space for low resolution devices)
+ reworked logic for finding the best artwork according to the settings #589
+ added first aired to the TV show tree #557
+ added a button to revert renamer template to the default value
+ added option to explicitly rebuild the image cache for selected movies/TV shows
+ added “Final Cut” to recognized movie edition patterns #612
x fixed downloading movie set artwork in the right resolution #580
x write user ratings to own tags in the NFO files
x write correct trailer url to the NFO
x do not write stream runtime for disc style movies to NFO
x sort tags in the tag filter dropdown
x enlarged the year column that occasional truncation should not happen again
x the logos panel does not push other fields (like play button, plot, ..) out of the screen
x removed duplicate shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+U #590
x do not throw exception if a TV show has x*100 episodes #587
x do not resize extrathumbs if the setting is deactivated #589
x replace colons in the renamer patterns
x enhanced the renamer replacements/cleanup #597
x execute a copy&delete if a move fails #602
x getMainVideoFile() now returns the first part of stacked movies/episodes rather than the biggest one
x fixed regexp to find extra(s) in nested movie folders #603
x fixed renaming of episodes with samples #601
x fixed crash in the movie renamer settings when a movie was in a UNC root #561
x fixed import of MediaInfo.xml files
x fixed TV show renamer spaces substitution
x fixed ${parent} processing in the renamer #609
x fixed removing of audio streams/subtitles in the media file editor #610

26.06.2019 - Version v3.0.2

+ added undo/redo for all text fields
+ added renamer token for the current parent folder (to enable renaming of folders without moving them in the folder structure)
x read/write TV show sorttitle from/to NFO #539
x better detection of same named movies in different quality
x fix bulk downloading images (AniDB, Kyra Animated)
x better 3D detection from filename
x fixed some scaling issues in the renamer settings panels
x set episode year along with firstAired
x writing of TV show actor images
x fix an occasional crash when scraping movie sets #563
x fixed language detection for Turkish subtitles #562
x reworked KodiRPC connection (better datasource matching) #554 #549
x fixed location for writing NFO and trailer files (for disc folders)
x changed hotkey for deleting movies/TV shows to CTRL+SHIFT+DEL #568
x fixed parsing of votes from IMDB in another notation #559
x clean episode title upon importing

12.06.2019 - Version v3.0.1

x fixed Fanart.tv reading personal clientKey
x fixed Fanart.tv using TMDB id fallback
x fixed TvShow exporter naming pattern #525
x fixed TvShow renamer (Synology TvShow metadata overwriting videos) #527
x fixed scraping of episode cast with IMDB
x fixed displaying of episode director/writers in the episode editor
x fixed downloading of season artwork #522
x removed VIDEO_TS/BDMV NFO styles (integrated these into the other two styles)
x updated JNA and libmediainfo
x do not print “Unknown” for empty media sources
x fixed artwork fetching with tvdb and removed bad thumb urls from the DB (you may need to re-write your NFO files)
x fixed occasional Java crashes on OSX
x fixed occasional error popup on start of tinyMediaManager

31.05.2019 - Version v3.0

After several years of development we are proud to announce

tinyMediaManager v3

available at https://www.tinymediamanager.org/download/.

key changes are:

  • completely rewritten UI (thx to @joostzilla)
    • new style and layout (better usage of the available space
    • especially for low screen devices)
    • flexible and configurable tables
    • improved filters (inclusive and exclusive filters)
    • better UI scaling on high dpi screens
  • added a dark theme
  • completely rewritten the renamer engine
  • completely rewritten NFO parsing and writing (much more flexible now)
  • easier translation via weblate.org now
  • increased required Java version to Java 8+
  • ability to mix in missing episodes
  • presets in settings for common media centers
  • many enhancements under the hood

since many things have changed, you are not able to directly upgrade from an existing v2 version of tinyMediaManager! tinyMediaManager v2 offers you a guided upgrade to v3 (automatic download/patch and an automatic migration of your data source), but you have to re-set all your other settings.

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.

25.04.2019 - version v3.0 RC4

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC4 is out containing many fixes/improvements over RC3:

+ added support for characterart for TV shows
+ added support for keyart for movies and TV shows
+ added a “missing episode list” (thx @wjanes)
+ added support for image check (now you can configure which artwork must be available for the green checkmark - thx @wjanes)
+ added video bit depth to the renamer
+ added colon replacement with spaces
+ added some more media info logos
+ completely refactored Trakt.tv integration
+ save trace logs from the last session (for better/easier bug hunting)
+ major rework of the media files panel
+ enhanced the wizard by UI settings
+ added support for folder.ext for season poster
x fixed some movie set artwork hiccups
x use the new date formatter in the movie table too
x make settings dialog scrollable
x IMDb id can now be bigger
x added .mk3d to supported file extensions
x respect movie trailer settings on download
x fixed some libmediainfo detections
x many fixes in the TV show tree (performance and stability)
x only write guests to episode NFO files
x do not use libmediainfo for getting the “date added”
x Kodi RPC - use asynchronous connection (do not block startup if Kodi is not available)
x better sorting of media files (by type and size now)
x updated glazedlists to 1.11.0
x do not offer checkboxes for extrathumbs/extrafanart when not activated in settings
x added more translateable texts for scraper settings
x many code cleanups

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.

18.03.2019 - version v3.0 RC3

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC3 is out containing many fixes/improvements over RC2:

+ major rework of filters
+ added subtitle column for TV shows
+ MI: gather title & real file creation date
+ reworked image cache task to use all CPUs
+ reworked caching Url classes for better caching
+ bulk editor -> possibility to remove all entry from the lists (thx to @wjanes)
x episodes: write correct XML header
x showtitle in episode NFO now contains the show title
x logging enhancements
x deletion of old backup files
x redesigned valid NFO evaluation
x do not return null on search (prevent NPE) x KodiRPC: better matching
x update filters on data change in the TV show tree
x changed window management back to the system style
x re-colored the new indicator
x align numbers (rating, size, …) right sided - movie/TV show tab
x prevent some flickering when scraping
x fixed NPE in ImageLabel
x force overwrite actor images on re-scrape
x import V2 datasources from backup
x corrected url to the donation page
x do not delete ratings with 0 votes in the editors
x display set certificate in editors
x better resetting of the image cache for actor artwork
x init dummy episodes even if setting is off
x try to use the date settings from the system for UI display
x re-create renamer examples when activating season specials
x suppress 0 to be rendered into file names
x use a special comparator for original title sorting
x feature: added British English UI language (primary for date formatting)
x changed header icon for certification
x MediaInfo: always check response ;) yes/no vs true/false
x Update to latest official Getdown snapshot
x Refactor audio streams channels String->int; introduce “default”
x MainVideoFile = BiggestVideoFile
x MediaInfo: fix channel decoding for various MI versions
x prevent episodes to be added twice to a season
x respect ascii replacement with the first renderer
x remove empty seasons on the fly
x fix dateAdded
x changed setting watched state of tvshows and settings to toggle (thx to @wjanes)
x MediaInfo: fix DTS-ES and channel detection

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.

18.02.2019 - Version v3.0 RC2

RC2 of tinyMediaManager v3 is out, containing the following changes:

+ added support for searching by IMDB id
+ moved the whole infrastructure over to GitLab (source code hosting, building and binary hosting)
+ updated to libmediainfo 18.12 and adopted to the new libmediainfo format
+ write the added-date to NFOs too
+ added original title to TV shows too
+ create a backup of the whole /data folder (including settings) instead of only the databases
+ added filter for container format (movies and TV shows) + added certification, edition and source columns to the movie table
+ added update movie to the popup menu
+ added capitalize words for movie and TV show renamer (thx @wjanes)
+ added a function to detect unwanted files in your data sources (thx @wjanes)
+ added some bulk editor additions (thx @wjanes)
+ added other IDs to the details panel too
+ added webm to supported video formats per default
+ added trailer-name settings
x always move files/folders to the .deletedByTmm folder instead of deleting them
x do not create season folders when changing the renamer patterns
x treat all images in /extrafanarts as extrafanarts
x enhanced drawing of tooltips in the tree/table
x enhanced startup to detect custom JVMs
x some fixes to the multiple ratings infrastructure
x force popups to be shown in the front
x fixed some genre names
x some fixes/enhancements to the universal scraper
x better detection of the screen size (avoid tmm to be too large on multi screen setups)
x reduced minimal window width of tmm to 1050px
x re-added DataTablesHTML export template
x performance enhancements in the duplicate filter (movies)
x fixed path comparison in the renamer (case sensitive checks on case insensitive file systems)
x enhanced media info 3D detection: differentiate between half/full resolutions
x fixed last modification time detection on macOS
x fixed some Java 9 - 11 issues
x separated cast, studio and country at scraping (thx @wjanes)
x many new/fixed media info icons
x fixed an exception in the column configurator for renamer settings
x fixed some issues for Turkish users
x fixed redrawing of changed artwork
x improved trailer detection
x removed multi selection from data source maintenance screen
x enhanced renamer patterns of audio streams

14.01.2019 - Version v3.0 RC1

After several years of development we are proud to announce

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC1

available at https://prerelease.tinymediamanager.org/.

key changes are:

  • completely rewritten UI (thx to @joostzilla)
    • new style and layout (better usage of the available space
    • especially for low screen devices)
    • flexible and configurable tables
    • improved filters (inclusive and exclusive filters)
    • better UI scaling on high dpi screens
  • added a dark theme
  • completely rewritten the renamer engine
  • completely rewritten NFO parsing and writing (much more flexible now)
  • easier translation via weblate.org now
  • increased required Java version to Java 8+
  • ability to mix in missing episodes
  • presets in settings for common media centers
  • many enhancements under the hood

since many things have changed, you are not able to upgrade from an existing v2 version of tmm! You need to download tmm v3 from https://prerelease.tinymediamanager.org/ and create a separate installation with the new settings for v3!

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.