Movie editions

With version 2.8 we’ve added a feature called movie editions. Before 2.8 having a movie in several editions (e.g. Directors Cut and Extended Edition) resulted in a messed up directory after renaming (the renamer put the two editions in the same destination folder).

With version 2.8 there is a new field in the movie editor where you can choose the movie edition for this movie. This field will also be pre-filled during “update datasources” along... Read More ›


Subtitle downloader

With version 2.8 we’ve added a subtitle downloader for

Downloading subtitles will work in two different ways:

  • if your movie release is found at (via a calculated hash), the subtitle can be downloaded automatically. This can be done with the new action called Automatically download subtitles via the context menu.
  • if your movie is not found via hash you can search for a suitable subtitle and download it. This... Read More ›


Version 2.7.4

+ added vote count for Tv shows and episodes
x fixed TvShow renamer when having duplicate tokens or multi episodes
x fixed MovieRenamerPreview when using a sorted list
x fixed TMM restart (when resetting database)
x Display information, why plugins could not be loaded.
x fixed copy/paste hotkeys for several UI field on OSX
x fixed exporter file name creation
x fixed writing set info for MediaPortal NFO... Read More ›


Version 2.7.3

+ bug reports are now solved via GitHub issues
+ added image exporting in the export templates (see or in the wiki)
+ added media source to the TV show section
+/x moved client key to the scraper settings (and released it for everyone)
x Kodi scraper: fix some invalid XML headers
x OFDB scraper: fix actor/cast parsing
x fix actor/cast parsing, and fallback for... Read More ›


Export images with the movie/TV show exporter

With version 2.7.3 we’ve added a feature to export the images/artwork along with the meta data to build better/more complete export templates.

You will find the latest information about the exporting engine in our wiki.

Read More ›