Version 2.8

IMPORTANT: changed certification output (in NFO files) from a fixed string to a set of templates.
! Please check your movie settings after upgrade !
Default for Kodi NFOs: LARGE (e.g. DE:FSK 16 / DE:FSK16 / DE:16 / DE:ab 16)
Default for MP NFOs: TECHNICAL (e.g. DE_FSK16)

+ added subtitle scraping (via
+ complete rewrite of “update datasource” for movies - massive performance boost!!!
+ complete rewrite... Read More ›


Offline movies

With version 2.8 we’ve added a feature called offline movies. This feature can be used to add offline movies like DVD, BluRay or VHS movies to your media library and assist Kodi with the playback of these movies (see the Kodi wiki for more information).

The offline movies feature works as follows:

  • when detecting an existing .disc file in your data source, this movie will be marked as an offline movie inside... Read More ›


Subtitle language style

With version 2.8 we’ve introduced some different presets for the subtitle language styles in the file names.

The main problem was that some media centers need an explicit format of the language to be detected while others are more flexible. Since there are some different “standards” out there, we’ve included the most used styles into our settings:

  • ISO 639-2/T 2 letter code (e.g. de)
  • ISO 639-2/T 3 letter code (e.g. deu)
  • ISO 639-2/B 3... Read More ›


Movie editions

With version 2.8 we’ve added a feature called movie editions. Before 2.8 having a movie in several editions (e.g. Directors Cut and Extended Edition) resulted in a messed up directory after renaming (the renamer put the two editions in the same destination folder).

With version 2.8 there is a new field in the movie editor where you can choose the movie edition for this movie. This field will also be pre-filled during “update datasources” along... Read More ›


Subtitle downloader

With version 2.8 we’ve added a subtitle downloader for

Downloading subtitles will work in two different ways:

  • if your movie release is found at (via a calculated hash), the subtitle can be downloaded automatically. This can be done with the new action called Automatically download subtitles via the context menu.
  • if your movie is not found via hash you can search for a suitable subtitle and download it. This... Read More ›